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LCD 2400C
Compact Manual Laser Repair System

Using a simple, compact, triple-wavelength Nd: YAG laser system, Korima's 2400 Laser Repair System performs laser cutting operations for design verification, failure analysis and LCD repair.

Extremely versatile, the LCD-2400 is available in both tabletop and console configurations.

Korima's 2400 Laser Repair System is an economical, precision instrument designed to cut lines, repair shorts, and drill holes in passivation in virtually any metal.

Featuring lightweight, state-of-the-art technology, the 2400 focuses a bright Nd: YAG laser directly through the microscope objective.Ê Its frequency-tripled pulse beam produces wavelengths of 1064, 532, and 355 nanometers

To assure the integrity of precision settings, all controls on the 2400 are on the power supply, well away from the scope itself.

An interlock assures correct placement of the laser housing to the microscope. Within the laser housing is a rectangular aperture spot, marked targeting, and a TV camera mount.
A computer interface, enabling control of spot size, firing rate, and power, is also available for the 2400. Korima provides a hand switch, foot switch, and microscope adaptor. Options include a color video camera, microscope and objectives, and vibration isolation table.


  • LCD Repair Before or After Assembly
  • Color Filter Repair
  • Adapts to Existing Probe Stations
  • Precision Manual Control
  • Cleanly Removes Passivations
  • Cutting A1, CR, Poly-silicon, Polyamide
  • Single Layer Isolation
  • Economical



  • Travel Distance: 8" x 8" to 12" x 12"
  • Accuracy: ±5µm
  • Resolution: 1µm
  • Chuck Diameter: 8" to 12"

Laser Head:

  • Wavelength:
        1064/355/532 nm

       Nd: YAG Laser
  • Pulse Width: 7 nanosecond
  • Energy: .6mJ
  • Cooling: Ambient Air
  • Beam Mode: TEMoo (Single Mode)


  • Latest processor with plenty of RAM for fast image processing
  • Built-in frame grabber with image capture facilities in various formats

Cutting Size:

  • 50x Objective:
       50 x 50µm Max.;
       1.2 x 1.2 µm
  • 100x Objective:
       20 x 20µm Max.;
       0.6 x 0.6 µm


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