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Protein crystals viewed under the
PRS-1000 glow under fluorescent








Protein Review Station

Breakthrough technology to distinguish protein crystals from salts and other residue.


With Korima's PRS-1000 protein review station, the laborious, error-prone process of distinguishing protein crystals from salts and residue finally becomes a thing of the past.

Quick to set up and easy to operate, the PRS-1000's split fluorescent beam causes protein crystals to stand out against non-fluorescing crystals.

Korima's PRS-1000 is the key to accelerating:
   • Screenings
   • Fine tuning
   • Optimization

You will instantly recognize protein crystals--all of them--in every sample.

Under Korima's exclusive, patent-pending split fluorescent beam, target proteins—and only target proteins—respond selectively to fluorescent excitation. With the PRS-1000, you will instantly recognize protein crystals. All of them—in every solution.

   • Eliminating guesswork.
   • Saving time.
   • Slashing costs.


The PRS-1000 makes a major difference in any pharmaceutical or research lab, but does so with a small footprint. Fitting easily on a standard lab bench, the complete system comprises all necessary components, including micro-scope, dual cameras and monitors, lights, and power supplies.

LCD Monitors. 15- and 19-inch LCD monitors display samples simultaneously under ultra-violet and visible light.

Microscope and Objectives. Turret-mounted 3x, 5x, 10x, and 20x UV/Visible objectives enable complete cell coverage or close inspection of individual proteins.

PC and Software. A dedicated Pentium IV/Windows XP Professional PC and proprietary software stand at the heart of the system.

Lights and Cameras. Visible and shutter-controlled DUV cameras capture the effects of high-contrast visible and ultra-violet lighting.

X-Y Platform. The system's standard X-Y platform allows precise, systematic examination of samples in a 96-well Limbro plate or any standard microplate. An optional, motorized X-Y table, which allows automated archiving, is also available


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