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LCD 6400
Semi- or Fully Automatic
Laser Repair System

 • Accommodates panels up to 2 x 2 meters
 • Flat panel display, large photomask, and color filter repair
 • Triple wavelength (1064, 532, 355 nm) Laser cooling systems
 • User-Friendly Windows software
 • Auto Loader/Unloader (optional)

LCD-6400 The Korima Model 6400-L offers an exceptional laser cutting system that exceeds the requirements for flat panel display, large photomask, and color filter repair. Fully automatic and remote controlled, the 6400-L comes with single, dual, or triple wavelength to achieve optimum results in the removal of aluminum, chromium, ITO, and polymide on panels before or after assembly.

Laser System

The Korima Model 6400-L provides a convenient laser system for LCD repair. Designed as a one-step operation and accompanied by customized software, the 6400-L achieves the finest results in the precise removal of aluminum, chromium ITO and polymide. Fully controlled and operated away from the microscope, the 6400-L is a completely automated repair station.

Size and Weight

  • Main Unit:
       For 1 x 1 meter system; 60" x 66" x 57" 
    Approximately 800 pounds
  • Instrument Rack: Approximately 400 pounds
  • Total Weight: Approximately 1,200 pounds.

Facility Requirements

  • Power:
    117 V AC; 50/60 Hz 
    Single phase, 12 Ampere
  • Air: 80 psi
  • Vacuum: 18 mHg.

Motorized Gantry System

  • Travel:  Up to 2 x 2 meters
  • Accuracy: 20 microns over travel distance
  • Repeatability: 2 microns
  • Resolution: 1 micron
  • Substrate Holder: Up to 2 x 2 meters

Computer Control Unit

  • Software: Operates under Windows 95. "Point and Shoot" on-screen navigation
  • Multimedia Video: 
    Digitizing graphics card displays live video image on screens.
    Supports point and shoot; drag and drop
    Supports video image measuring, retrieval, and printing
  • Input Sources:
    Reads data from KLA Acrotech, PDI, Orbotech,
    Hitachi Engineering Research, and Tokyo Cathode Lab.
    Other manufacturers also available.

Anti-Vibration Table

  • Active air provides vibration isolation for small geometry cutting .

Optional Features

  • Pattern recognition
  • Auto loader/unloader
  • AF-405 Auto Focus
  • MT-405 Motorized Turret.


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