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LCD 2424
Semi-Automatic LCD Probe Station/
Laser Repair System

 • Determines Device Characteristic
 • Measaures for Leakage Current
 • Tests for Opens and Shorts
 • Stages up to 20 by 20 Inches

The Model 2424 Semi-Automatic LCD Probe Station is designed especially for probing LCDs and other large substrates. Built on a steady and reliable anti-vibration table, the Model 2424 has powerfully built features that perform a number of specific tests required by all LCD/flat panel display manufacturers.

These tests include:

  • Determining device characteristics, such as uniformity.
  • Measuring leakage current in both lines and devices;and
  • Testing for opens or shorts in individual cells, as well as line to line shorts

The computer control is operated under Windows environment. Once the initial test parameters are programmed, the stage moves automatically to the desired location. Thereupon the probes are raised and lowered automatically.

Interfaces include RS232 (standard) and IEEE488 (optional).

The Model 2424 also accommodates laser systems to provide for a convenient probing and repair system in one.Ê The combination of both these system offers users a powerful and versatile test system.


  • Device Stage:
      Travel: 16" x 16". Optional: 24" x 24")
  • Microscope Laser Travel (Gross): 24" x 24"
  • Prober Dimensions: 76" W x 75" D x 75" H. 1200 pounds
  • Power Requirements: 115V AC; 15A; 50/60 Hz

Flexible Configuration for Analytical Tasks

  • Bench top, stand-alone
  • Easily adapted to any probe station
  • Easily mounted to tester
  • Convenient and easy-to-use "Dark Shroud" provides an instant and mobile darkroom  
  • Synchro-coupler (to eliminate image jitters

Options and Accessories:

  • AF-405 (Auto Focus) and/or MT-405 (Motorized Turret)


Click here to view the LCD-2424 in action!

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