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Compact Manual Laser Repair System

Extremely compact, versatile, easy to use with user-friendly software, the Model LRS-2400 is available in both table top and console configurations.

Inspection Systems generate defect data file and from these data files, engineers have to locate the physical defect for further study. The task becomes impossible or unbearable when dealing with large wafers or large dies that have sub-micron features.

LRS-2400 reads the defect data and navigates to the exact location of the defect. With a high power microscope the user can perform tasks as described below.

After reviewing the defect under a high-power microscope, if further analysis is required, the next step for a FA engineer is to perform a cross section and study the defects. The problem faced, in most cases, is to get back to the exact defect location in a FIB, for cross sectioning, or in a SEM for further study. It could take considerable time, if even possible, to locate the defects.

Time and money spent in doing cross sectioning is a costly proposition that most users want to avoid.  The solution: Laser Marking.

The LSR-2400 reads the defect data and navigates to the exact location of the defect. The user would then activate the top mounted Laser to mark the location. The laser marks would be easily spotted under FIB/SEM low magnification setting. Set the marks at the center field of view then zoom in, the FIB/SEM operator will then be able to get to the exact defect location in seconds.


Standard Configuration:

  • Review defects with auto-search
  • Reclassify defect categories

With Laser Option:

  • Relocate defect in SEM/FIB
  • Repair defects

Other Features:

  • Built-in frame grabber
  • Defect data formats available:
        KLA-Tencor; KLARF, TFF
  • Flexible script language
  • Remote interface facilities
  • Probing platform-ready



  • Travel Distance: 8" x 8" to 12" x 12"
  • Accuracy: ±5µm
  • Resolution: 1µm
  • Chuck Diameter: 8" to 12"

Laser Head:

  • Wavelength:
       Nd: YAG Laser
  • Pulse Width: 7 nanosecond
  • Energy: .6mJ
  • Cooling: Ambient Air
  • Beam Mode: TEMoo (Single Mode)


  • Latest processor with plenty of RAM for fast image processing
  • Built-in frame grabber with image capture facilities in various formats

Cutting Size:


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