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Korima's ultraviolet technology
revolutionizes protein
crystal recognition.










Compact Protein Review Station
for X-Ray Crystallography

PRS-2000 Technology to distinguish protein crystals from salts and other residue, with astonishing breakthroughs in cost and convenience..


Traditionally, x-ray crystallographers have faced a truly daunting challenge—that of scanning hundreds of potentially successful images for protein crystal growth. Even though microplaces of buffer solutions could be teeming with critical protein crystals, target proteins could go undetected among strong salt growth and other debris. Experience, of course, would help a crystallographer discern target proteins. But with so many decoys appearing in countless shapes and sizes, it often took a measure of sheer luck to pick out the crystals that really counted.


The PRS-2000 Protein Review Station instantly revolutionizes the entire protein recognition process. Under Korima's exclusive, patent-pending split fluorescent beam, target proteins—and only target proteins—respond selectively to fluorescent excitation. With the PRS-2000, you will instantly recognize protein crystals. All of them—in every solution.

   • Eliminating guesswork
   • Saving time
   • Slashing costs


The PRS-2000 makes a major difference in any pharmaceutical or research lab—with the smallest footprint ever! Fitting easily on a standard lab bench, the complete system comprises all necessary components, including microscope, dual cameras and monitors, lights, and power supplies.

LCD Monitors. 15- and 19-inch LCD monitors display samples simultaneously under ultra-violet and visible light.

Microscope and Objectives. Turret-mounted 3x, 5x, 10x, and 20x UV/Visible objectives enable complete cell coverage or close inspection of individual proteins.

PC and Software. A dedicated Pentium IV/Windows XP Professional PC and proprietary software stand at the heart of the system.

Lights and Cameras. Visible and shutter-controlled DUV cameras capture the effects of high-contrast visible and ultra-violet lighting.

X-Y Platform. The system's standard X-Y platform allows precise, systematic examination of samples in a 96-well Limbro plate or any standard microplate. An optional, motorized X-Y table, which allows automated archiving, is also available


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